Social Security Disability:

If you have legally worked in the United States you have likely paid into the Social Security system. Many people think of Social Security as a benefit for retirees, however, Social Security also provides Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits to those who have worked in the past but can no longer work due to medical illness, and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits to adults or children who are disabled with limited income. 

To be eligible for SSDI you must earn sufficient credits based on the amount you have paid into the Social Security system. You may recall getting your yearly statement in the mail from the Social Security Department; this statement included the approximate amount of Social Security money you would receive if you became disabled.

The application for Social Security is cumbersome to say the least! There are a lot of medical, financial, and personal documents which need to be gathered for this application. Also, the application process often requires an office visit with the Social Security Department.

You may appoint an attorney to conduct your business with the Social Security Department on your behalf. Appointing a knowledgeable representative will decrease your stress and dealings with the department. Even though these benefits can be applied for online, it can still be a cumbersome and frustrating process.

Obtaining your benefits from the Social Security Department is a cumbersome process full of paperwork and legal hurdels. When you or a loved one is in the unfortunate situation where they are in need of their SSDI benefits all of your time is consumed with healthcare visits and taking care of daily activities. Hiring and appointing an attorney can relieve some of the stress during this difficult time. The Law Office of Christine M Bechtold recommends fellow Loganville, Georgia attorney Tim Klob at  to assist you with this legal process.