Personal Injury:

The area of personal injury includes all accidents. Slipping in the parking lot of a business, a bite from a neighborhood dog, and traffic accidents can result in personal injuries that impact your daily life emotionally and financially. If you or a love one was hurt and you believe it was someone else’s fault, you may have a personal injury case. Hiring an attorney during this time can help to ease the stress involved and potentially speed up the process, even avoiding Court proceedings all together! 

What to do when involved in any kind of accident:

- Do a quick check of your surroundings and make sure it is safe for you to move.

- Call 911 and request both police and medical attention.

- Do not leave the scene, stay at the location until the authorities arrive.

- When the authorities arrive be sure to get immediate medical attention.

- Briefly talk to the police about what happened.

- If you are hurt in a commercial area ask the manager to write-up an incident report.

- Obtain personal contact and insurance information of all parties involved.

- If there were witnesses to your accident, obtain their contact information.

- Take pictures of the scene.

- Write your own notes about what happened as soon as the accident is over.

- Obtain follow-up medical attention, if needed.

Contact an attorney discuss your personal injury.