Living Wills:

There are some times in our lives when we are too ill to make decisions about our own healthcare. These times can range from going into simple surgery to end of life care. A living will, or advance directive for health care (ADHC), is a legal document that you set-up before you are too ill to make your own decisions. It allows you to set-up guidelines for your healthcare and how you would like these decisions to be made for you when you can't make them yourself.

Georgia has adopted a combined legal document that not only spells out your wishes but also allows you to appoint a representative on your behalf to stand up for your healthcare and make decisions for you. This document allows you to be in charge of your healthcare even when you are too ill to make decisions. 

A living will is not a will as we generally think of one. A living will is used during unconsciousness or terminal conditions when you are still alive but unable to make healthcare decisions. A will addresses the distribution of your assets upon death.

Everyone should have a living will to avoid uncertainty during delicate medical situations. A living will only takes effect when a physician determines that you lack the ability to make your own healthcare decisions. In other words, your representative can not act on your behalf if you are able to do it yourself!

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